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Servicing Overview

These days bikes come in all shapes and sizes and the range of components such as suspension forks, brakes and gear change systems can be a little daunting .  Equally the number of special tools needed to properly service and repair your bike is growing and constantly changing.

It is therefore important to keep your ride well maintained and running smoothly by a qualified and experienced mechanic.

At Gawler Cycles we can take care of all your servicing and repair needs.  Whether you want to upgrade your current ride with some of the latest equipment on offer, or have your faithful old bike given a bit (or a lot) of TLC we will get the job done in a timely and professional way.  

 Call into Gawler Cycles where we guarantee the work we do.

Services Pricing

People often ask how much it is going to cost to service their bike and we are happy to offer a three levels of services.  In addition, all geared bikes purchased from Gawler Cycles receive a free first service at between four and six weeks from date of purchase.  It's a great opportunity to ensure that any small problem are rectified before they develop into larger ones and its a chance to adjust gear, brakes and other things that tend to "settle in" during this period.

Following this free service, we recommend that you have your bike serviced on a regular basis.  Servicing your bike greatly enhances the cycling experience as well as increasing the reliability and longevity of your machine.  Remember, the better your bike runs the more likely you will ride it and that's what it's all about. 

        Standard Service

RRP $69 (or for non geared bikes $39).

The following takes place during a standard service

1 Clean bike.  (bikes that are muddy or excessively greasy may incur an extra cleaning charge.)

2 Lubricate chain and other working parts.

3 Check brakes, brake cables/hoses, brake levers, pads etc.  Adjust as required.

4. Check gears, gear cables and adjust as required.

5 Check headset adjustment.

6 Check bottom bracket adjustment.

7 True wheels (minor true on bike only)

8 Check tyre pressure, and condition.

9  Check all nuts, bolts, allen keys, quick release levers etc are tight.

10 Check operation of suspension if applicable.

11. Test ride.


       Standard Service Plus

RRP $95 (or for non geared bikes $59).

In addition to the points covered in the stardard service, the standard service plus covers the following.

1 Degreasing of chain and derailleurs.

2 Check wear of chain, cassette and Chain rings, jockey wheels.

3 Remove bottom bracket and regrease or replace as needed.

4 Remove wheels from bike and check/adjust all spokes tensions and true wheels.

5 Check and adjust Hubs.


     Deluxe Service

RRP Geared $159 (or for non geared bikes $100).

In addition to the points covered in the stardard service Plus, the Delux service covers the following.

1 Hub dissambly clean, service and rebuild.

2 Headset dissasembly, clean, service and reassembly.

3 Replacement of brake cables if showing signs of deterioration.

4 Replacement of gear cables if showing signs of deterioration.

5 Internal lubrication of gear changers.


Other condition relating to services

*******Please Note********

The above service prices do not include replacement partsThe cost of parts will be charged on top of the service cost, with the exception of cables covered in the Delux service.  It will be assumed that minor parts that are worn and need replacement will be replaced without specific notification.  If however a major part needs replacement or the total of the parts that need replacement is significant, we will contact you prior undertaking the work.